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  • ILC Webinars – Environmental Series

    RSK Raw Managing Director Neil Stothert is on the panel for ILC’s Home and Commercial webinar series, covering environmental and agriculture claims. On April 8th, ‘The Changing Face of Environmental Claims‘ will be the hot topic, covering questions including: What has changed in the last 10 years and what changes have most impacted environmental claims? […]

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  • RSK Raw’s Ruaraidh McKinnon appointed to UK Spill Association Board

    Ruaraidh McKinnon, Business Manager at RSK Raw, has been appointed to the board of the UK Spill Association following its annual members meeting. The UK Spill Association represents companies, organisations and individuals working in the UK oil spill industry. Ruaraidh McKinnon In his new position, Ruaraidh will be the board representative for Inland Spill and […]

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  • Fuel feedlines in service ducts

    This week, a RSK Raw team discovered a service duct, which had been used to house a fuel feedline, an electricity cable and a blue MDPE water pipe, had kerosene leaking from the top of it. Fashioning a tap to the service duct, the quick-thinking team drained the kerosene and managed to successfully transfer the heating oil back to the […]

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  • New Environment Agency press release – Check your oil tank!

    A new press release from the government today provides a timely reminder that the drop in the oil price may result in more spills and leaks than normal! Consumers are currently rushing to fill their tanks while the oil price is low, and since these tanks will remain filled to capacity until the end of […]

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  • 70 litres of Red Diesel in a Day

    In Lancashire, red diesel has kept one of our teams rather busy of late. A spill of up to 1000 litres from a farm’s AST caused quite a bit of bother when part of the spill migrated into a nearby stream. Retention booms and absorbents were the order of the day, and within 24 hours […]

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  • Looking after our clients

    Sometimes, regularly working in an industry known for challenging scenarios can really pay off! Our teams report the continued use of temporary work area partitions, to further socially distance field personnel from clients and other workers, is proving a huge success, effectively providing additional protection for vulnerable homeowners. Of course, now our working lives have dramatically […]

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  • Waste oil tanks – the forgotten risk

    Last week, one of our RSK Raw teams attended a site to examine a spill of an unconfirmed volume of waste engine and gear oil from a 2700 litre oil tank, and this incident served as a reminder of how  businesses need to be aware of the rolling repercussions of COVID-19.   Like all other service […]

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  • Social distancing – a masterclass!

    There was some impressive social distancing in action in an English woodland this week. While off to do some essential pollution containment works, the teams from our Malvern and Camberley offices made sure there was not a smidgen of a chance they weren’t adhering to the 2-metre distancing rule, and it is great to have photographic evidence our teams are taking social distancing extremely seriously.    […]

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  • All hands to the pump!

    A diesel spill from an unknown source at a commercial property in Bedford has been a long running project for our Cambridge staff. After an extensive period of monitoring, while liaising with the Environment Agency and the client, a remediation system has recently been implemented to treat contaminated groundwater and remove diesel from the groundwater’s surface. Five abstraction pumps are already in place and soil vapour extraction on each […]

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  • Catch of the Day

    Recently, A homeowner showed some impressive initiative after noticing kerosene on the ground around the boiler. By contacting the International Spill Accreditation Scheme and getting hold of RSK Raw’s number, our local team in Cambridge were able to get out to the property that very day, letting insurance take over after that. And the homeowner’s quick thinking really […]

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