One of our teams really demonstrated our caring ethos last week when undertaking works to remove contaminated soil on an operational, residential care home site. The team were determined to ensure the residents, and those that so diligently care for them, were not adversely affected by the necessary works to remove contamination from a courtyard surrounded on all sides by the premises.

The only access was through the home itself, so they carefully loaded numerous small clip-top drums by hand, cleaned the drums down and dried them off, and then (changing into clean shoes, and following Covid safe practices including hand sanitising and wearing masks) wheeled the drums individually through the corridors to the waiting disposal skip at the front of the property.

Ambient VOC monitoring of the corridors was also done during every ‘run’ to be doubly sure there were no adverse impacts on the staff or residents.

At RSK Raw, we are proud of the forethought, kindness and determination that our colleagues regularly put into their work and we think this is yet another clear example of their willingness to go the extra mile – thank you team!