Recently, A homeowner showed some impressive initiative after noticing kerosene on the ground around the boiler. By contacting the International Spill Accreditation Scheme and getting hold of RSK Raw’s number, our local team in Cambridge were able to get out to the property that very day, letting insurance take over after that.

And the homeowner’s quick thinking really paid off!  The spill from the leaking boiler joint had already reached land drainage, travelled on through a culvert and infiltrated a pond on a neighbouring property. Luckily, by being quick off the mark, the team still had time to install booms in the lake to stop the spill migrating any further downstream.

And the catch of the day? Well, that early call out meant the team were able to protect the water quality in the pond, so luckily, the resident fish didn’t have to swim for it!

booms are employed in a pond to limit the spread of oil contamination