Providing an effective response

Our teams have extensive experience managing accidental releases of contaminants in the agricultural industry, minimising damage, associated costs and the risk of enforcement action.

Commonly used agricultural materials, products and wastes, including pesticides, fertilisers, fuel, milk, slurry and silage liquor, all need careful handling and storage as their potential impact on the environment can be catastrophic and widespread if not controlled.

Fuel and pesticides are toxic to animals and, if released into waterways, can result in fish kill events even great distances downstream. Fertilisers, slurry and silage liquor if spilt, applied in the wrong weather conditions, or over applied, can quickly contaminate surface water, causing nutrient enrichment with resulting oxygen depletion also causing fish kill events. Contaminants reaching groundwater boreholes and drinking water supplies can result in costly remedial works and periods where supplies cannot be used.

RSK Raw’s experts are able to:

  • review a farm’s storage and handling processes, to ensure they are in line with current regulations
  • work with landowners or tenants to put plans in place in case a leak or spill happens
  • act quickly in the event of an incident, stopping the source of the leak and quickly mobilising appropriate resources to contain and clean up contaminants
  • limit any spill impact, minimise the risk of prosecution, and reduce future liability

Contact RSK Raw on 0345 166 8491 for help and advice in the event of any spills or leaks.