Delivering value

As a leading industrial specialist solutions provider, we reduce your costs by treating solid or liquid waste on site.

Our proven systems:

  • Reduce costs by minimising transportation and off site disposal
  • Reduce the risk to personnel
  • Reduce CO2
  • Reduce waste by reusing recovered waters
  • Ensure environmental compliance
  • Are flexible and robust
  • Can be rapidly deployed


Cost reduction:

Treating contamination on site means we solve the problem at the source, we don’t move it somewhere else. The direct savings are:

  • Reduced transportation
  • Reduced water and energy use
  • Environmental impact reduction

Calculations based upon recent projects have shown that CO2 emissions are significantly reduced, compared to traditional alternatives. Our solutions mean that traffic and noise are minimised, and air pollution and the risks presented by chemicals are diminished or eradicated.

The reduction in water use is particularly important in water scarce environments. Solid wastes can be treated so that they can be reused on site for ground engineering.

Increasingly, refinery installations must comply with more demanding environmental regulations and demonstrate a programme of CO2 impact reduction. Our systems are being used to relieve the stress on existing systems, without major capital investment, whilst rendering waste non-hazardous or reuseable. Specifically designed as compact package treatment systems, we are experienced at treating particularly difficult waste streams, including complex emulsions and waste arising from maintenance operations, such as tank cleaning.


Examples include:

  • Treatment of tank bottom sludges
  • Treatment of VOC contaminated liquids
  • Separation of emulsions and recovery of oil for reuse