Innovative solutions

As a specialist remediation contractor, RSK Raw has unparalleled experience in providing a variety of innovative remediation techniques that offer low impact, efficient and sustainable solutions to treat contaminated soils and water, on or off site.

Wherever possible, we will treat materials in-situ or on site, potentially achieving significant cost savings over traditional off site treatment or bulk disposal of contaminated materials.

As well as meeting legal obligations, our objective is always to deliver a site that is safe and suitable for the proposed use, without ongoing liabilities for the developer.

As you would expect, RSK Raw is always able to assist with the development of the remediation strategy, and to react to unplanned ground conditions appropriately during the project, if required.

RSK Raw is committed to the ongoing development of our specialist plant, equipment and processes and to our specialist staff training, ensuring our clients benefit from industry leading experience and innovative design.

RSK Raw process:

  • Assessment of remedial options and strategy design
  • In-house design and build of remediation systems
  • In-house design and build of dewatering and treatment systems
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of remediation systems
  • Environmental and compliance monitoring
  • Decommissioning and reinstatement

RSK Raw techniques:

  • Civil engineering
  • Dual phase extraction
  • In-situ and ex-situ chemical oxidation
  • In-situ air sparging
  • Physical separation and oil recovery
  • In-situ enhanced biodegradation (aerobic or anaerobic)
  • Pump and treat (filtration, air stripping and chemical treatment)
  • Vacuum extraction (low or high vacuum) and applied in-situ or ex-situ
  • Ex-situ techniques such as stabilisation and bioremediation