Tailored to your needs

Our experienced technical team supports our remediation design and operation. With extensive and broad-ranging expertise, we offer tailored solutions to meet every client’s individual needs.

RSK Raw’s technical team also delivers a number of valuable additional services, including health screening, providing expertise in support of legal matters and aiding with compliance in areas such as dust, odours, VOCs, noise and vibration.

All of our technical services are geared towards helping our clients to operate in a safe and compliant environment, whilst also looking at elements outside the remit of standard health and safety requirements.

Unexpected ground conditions, employee exposure to non-standard chemicals in the ground, or works-created dust near a railway or residential area can have a number of consequences, from health issues to litigation. RSK Raw’s technical team works with clients to identify and assess the risks of these potential issues and create solutions to avoid or appropriately manage them.

How can we help?

  • Expert witness services
  • Controlling emissions at source, reducing risk
  • Deposited dust sampling
  • Directional dust flux assessment
  • Real-time gas and vapour monitoring
  • Staff exposure control
  • Regulator and general public liaison