This week, a RSK Raw team discovered a service duct, which had been used to house a fuel feedline, an electricity cable and a blue MDPE water pipe, had kerosene leaking from the top of it. Fashioning a tap to the service duct, the quick-thinking team drained the kerosene and managed to successfully transfer the heating oil back to the on-site AST.

Of course, housing the fuel feed lines in service ducts does have advantages, both protecting the lines from impacts such as digging and making it easier to replace them. Unfortunately, a service duct also provides a direct pathway from the heating oil tank to the property and significantly increases the risk of expensive remediation works even when only a small volume of oil is lost.

Thankfully, the importance of using experienced professionals is recognised by the insurance industry, and once again, the prompt actions of our knowledgeable staff saved a homeowner from an expensive, unwanted surprise.

Heating oil from a fuel feed line leaks into the service ducting