Working to protect our country from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 virus is vitally important to everyone at RSK Raw, so some of our teams have been working with RSK Response to help with decontamination work around the UK.  

As a nation, we all need to do what we can to help, so we are incredibly proud of the staff members who have stepped outside of their normal working environment to help get the UK back on its feet. 

While this pandemic may still take time to run its course, we know we will eventually defeat it. Why?  Simply because our nation is made up of resilient individuals who willingly pull together in times of crisis. At RSK Raw, we would like to applaud the doctors, the nurses and the auxiliary NHS staff who have been working so selflessly in such stressful circumstances, but we would also like to remember all the other people across the UK who have quietly stepped up to help their community, in any way they can, in this difficult time. 

RSK Raw staff help with decontamination during COVID-19 outbreak