It has now been a month since RSK Raw joined the RSK family, gaining the support of 66 businesses and more than 3,100 colleagues. RSK Raw, led by managing director Neil Stothert, joined RSK’s contracting division.

Neil updated us on what has been going on since the acquisition and RSK Raw’s plans for the future.

“As a people-orientated business that shares many of RSK’s core values, RSK Raw has settled into the RSK family well. Now trading as RSK Raw, we are keen to maintain and grow the Raw brand, with the addition of ‘RSK’ representing the variety of combined services we can now offer.

Indeed, by joining RSK, RSK Raw has gained access to extensive environmental services in support of our own provision, including ground investigation solutions, ecological and agricultural services, mapping surveys, remediation solutions, an existing spill response division, and asbestos advice and surveys within RSK. All these services are helping to grow and strengthen the RSK Raw business offering. Bringing these services in-house is already working well: laboratory work that we were previously outsourcing is now going to in-house RSK company, Envirolab.

Collaborating with the rest of RSK is providing many opportunities for our employees to enhance their skills and work on a wider variety of projects. In the short time that we have been part of RSK, we have already started to work on a job with RSK Response, and several RSK Raw staff are heading over to Uganda, Africa, to work on a project with RemedX, another RSK company. This is enhancing RSK’s service offering, and I will be delighted to see more partnerships and new opportunities for all as we continue collaborating.

RSK Raw’s connections to the insurance industry, for example, are proving invaluable to RSK and providing a great opportunity to expand its service lines, particularly in the area of domestic spill response. All these additional services are helping RSK to diversify further, adding a new layer of skills to the organisation.

As for the future, RSK Raw will be developing an incident management service, incorporating many of the above services into a turnkey solution that will considerably reduce delays in responding to incidents where, traditionally, specialist areas of expertise have required different subcontractors. This will allow us to work with clients at an earlier stage, assisting with spill prevention and incident preparedness to manage environmental liabilities and protect the environment. We are excited to see RSK Raw continue to grow with the RSK group.”

Due to this expansion, RSK Raw now has several vacancies across England, Wales and Scotland. If you would like to join us at this exciting time of development, please view our careers page.