Warnings from West Mercia Police, published in a local paper following a rise in heating oil thefts (‘Police issue warning to Herefordshire households as thefts rise’ and ‘Police investigating an increase in thefts of heating oil’ ), apply across the UK as home heating oil prices rise, making thefts more attractive.

Check your tank regularly for signs of tampering – thieves will often damage the tank, pipework or fittings in an effort to access the oil, potentially resulting in spills and leaks, which can be costly and time-consuming to clean up.

Whilst the Police have provided good advice to deter thieves, it should be noted that the location of storage tanks must always be agreed with an OFTEC accredited engineer to ensure compliance with oil storage and building regulations and to safeguard the operation of the oil fired system.

Check your home and contents insurance adequately cover thefts (and any resulting spills or damage) too. As above, re-siting a tank must only be done under the guidance of an OFTEC engineer in order to avoid potentially invalidating any insurance cover.

If you have concerns, or have had a spill, please contact us on 0345 166 8491 for advice and assistance.