Last Friday, RAW accepted the ‘On Your Feet Britain’ challenge, a national day encouraging people to stand more and sit less in an effort to promote good health and wellbeing.

Unhindered by the weather, RAW’s Malvern team successfully took on the task of climbing the 1,394ft of the Worcestershire Beacon at lunchtime, substituting repeated trips up the stairs for the scenic, but sodden, paths of the Beacon. The view from the top may have been a little less than spectacular (not that it would have been great from the top of the real Beacon, given the weather) but it was worth it….!


The team are an active bunch anyway, with wide ranging outdoor and fitness hobbies. However, the On your Feet challenge gave us that extra incentive to put a bit of fun into the working day, whilst boosting our health and well-being in a simple, but effective, way.