Back before Christmas, RemedX Ltd, RSK Response, Ecologia, RSK Raw, RSK IWS Integrated Waste Solutions Ltd, and Ecologia Italy gathered to celebrate our collaboration, reward exemplary customer care and to highlight our teams’ contribution to effectively managing health and safety on our sites and premises.

👷‍♀️John Holdridge and Ruaraidh McKinnon (RSK Raw), Max Brown and Elisha Salter (Ecologia), Sam Curr, Nikki Burrows and Vinay Varghese (RemedX) and Gerard O’Keefe and Cameron Dineen (RSK Response) were recognised for their contribution to our health and safety due to their constructive and observant positive interventions, preventing a wide range of potential health and safety issues.

👍Mike Self (RSK Raw), Roy Daniell and Vinay Varghese and Sam Cowell (RemedX), Thomas Marker (Ecologia) and Aaron Hodgson (RSK Response) received well-deserved recognition, celebrating their exemplary customer care and outstanding client feedback.

💗In the spirit of the ‘pod’, our third award recognised effective collaboration amongst our business units – three business units on one site for one Client, working together to provide a range of complementary services to manage a historic and ongoing pollution issue. The winning teams from RSK Response, RemedX and RSK Raw generously donated their £500 winnings to Hope in the Valley RDA – a brilliant organisation which ‘aims to give disabled children the opportunity to experience the pleasure, independence and therapeutic benefits that riding a horse can provide’ – nominated by RSK Response’s Duncan Sullivan (pictured with his son and the very beautiful 🐎‘Rose’ 🐎) – thank you Duncan!