Early in January, we held an ‘all-staff safety stand-down’ day as a part of the wider RSK group annual Safety Fortnight.

This year the focus was on the human factors influencing our safety and RSK’s  Phil Hinchey led us all through engaging workshops, giving everyone a chance to discuss ‘Effective Safety Leadership’ and ‘Influencing Safety Behaviours’ – taking a closer look at why people are motivated to do the things they do, and how we can all positively and effectively contribute to improving health and safety at work.

Maintaining an unwavering commitment to health and safety is one of the nine guiding principles of the RSK Group, and our teams really enjoyed the chance to work together, discussing practical, real-life task and site specific health and safety examples across all of our varied working environments and roles.

We will shortly be setting our health and safety objectives for the next year, with the intention of continuing the effective monitoring and continuous improvement of our performance. Our thanks go to all who attended, presented, engaged and enjoyed the valuable day!