Oil Can IconRAW were delighted to receive the UK Spill Association’s ‘Responder of the Year’ award for the second year running.

The UK Spill Association awarded RAW ‘Responder of the Year 2017’ following our emergency deployment of a multi-skilled team to site, within two hours of the first call, to mitigate the effects of a 2.2 million litre slurry spill, which had impacted fields, a farmyard and a local watercourse, with the potential for the slurry to impact a nearby river of significant ecological and angling importance.

Our innovative solution was approved on site by the NIEA, and RAW created a diversionary watercourse, thereby allowing the free movement of clean water from upstream whilst successfully containing the spill on day one. The slurry was then collected and recovered using a complex system of pumps and holding sumps and the site was monitored for a period of time to confirm the successful remediation and ecological recovery of the impacted area.

RAW’s Managing Director, Neil Stothert, said ‘We were very proud to accept this award for the second time. I believe this recognises our team’s dedication to providing an efficient and effective response to spill events across the UK.’

RAW’s ‘Responder of the Year’ awards 2016 and 2017

Find out more about the annual UKSpill awards at http://www.ukspill.org/