RAW returned to the Spill Response Expo (part of the wider Contamination Expo Series 2017) at EXCEL London this year, on 27th and 28th September 2017.

On 27th September, Director Andy Kyle presented an informative, ‘standing room only’ seminar on ‘The Application of Treatment Technologies in the Real World’, discussing the benefits and disadvantages of various treatment types and the implications of their use in various scenarios.

Director Nick Ashworth, who also attended the two day event, said ‘This Expo provides a valuable opportunity to meet colleagues in the industry, existing clients, and new contacts with an interest in spill response in the UK. This has been another successful event for RAW and we’ve enjoyed meeting a wide range of people across these two days, providing details of our spill response and remediation services, and sharing innovative advances in response techniques with others in the industry.’