Storm Ciara has caused mayhem up and down the country and such severe weather can often cause damage to heating systems. There are precautions which can be taken, so don’t leave it until it is too late!, a joint initiative between the UK environmental regulators, trade and professional bodies and industry, offer some useful tips.  

Ideally, never position your oil tank in an area susceptible to high winds or flooding.  

If your tank is situated where flooding occurs, it is best to have a secondary containment – a bund. Also, a tank with a top outlet can be a better choice.  

Placing the tank on a non-combustible and impermeable ground level base may help prevent the tank from floating. Alternatively, have the tank installed on a platform above predicted flood levels. In this case, you may need a remote fill point so the tank can be filled from ground level.  

To prevent movement in high winds or floods, fit a firmly anchored tank restraint, but first contact your tank manufacturer to check it is safe to anchor your specific model. provide a Competent Persons Register for advice on heating oil tank installation.  

RSK Raw also have experienced responders on the ground, so If you have any urgent concerns, please call us for advice.  

images of oil tanks in flooded areas